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16,000 Woodworking Plans

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Release Date:05/03/2012
Filesize:1057 KB
OS:Windows 98/XP
Vendor Name:16,000 Woodworking Plans



If you are looking for numerous good woodworking ideas, plans and patterns for your next projects, Then you are at the right place. Imagine that you can get a large number of brand new, simple woodworking ideas and plans all in one package, isn’t it amazing? Plus imagine that all of those great projects included an entire list of blueprints, all the materials listed you will need and also the equipment you will need to make it.

Ted McGrath, a well known professional woodworker, mentor and AWI member, has used 2 years to put 16,000+ most comprehensive woodworking plans & projects together you will discover. This package has:

1: Over 16,000 woodworking ideas, plans and projects;
2: In depth blueprints and images for every project;
3: Full listing of all the materials you need to use in your project;
4: Full listing of all the woodworking equipment you will need to create your project.


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