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AttributeMagic Standard

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Release Date:21/03/2011
Filesize:3655 KB
OS:Windows XP
Vendor Name:Elwinsoft


Advanced utility change file/folder date-time stamps and attributes. You can modify modification, creation and last accessed date-time stamps of files and folders. AttributeMagic Standard can copy, shift and mask date-time stamps, extract date-time information from the file name. AttributeMagic can rename files and folders with date-time, add prefix, suffix and serial number to the file-folder name. AttributeMagic can set, reset and invert file attributes (read-only, hidden, archived, system). Custom filters can be applied to process certain items. Preview result mode is available – you can check changes before applying them. You can also export list of files, calculate folder size and much more. AttributeMagic can operate in batch mode with command line options.


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