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Best Laptop Reviews 2012

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Release Date:19/03/2012
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OS:Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
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Following are my parameters for any laptop to get selected for this RACE :

Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 Processor - 3 MB Cache (Core i3/i5/i7 series is a super hype, I am still using a Dual Core processor & it works like a charm, still I know people want to go for latest technology, so we will go with 2nd Gen Core i5 - Remember 2nd Gen Core i5 is different from just Core i5, and 2nd Gen makes a big effect on processing power. Even we could go with 2nd Gen core i3, but today, laptop with 2nd Gen core i3 will almost cost the same as 2nd Gen core i5. Core i7/2nd Gen Core i7 is a hype & is very costly & won't make a difference to us. We will ignore 2nd Gen Core i7)

4 GB DDR3 RAM (Must as it supports the latest processor & graphics card & makes it a beast)
500 GB Minimum (Actually, in today's era we need a minimum of 1 TB, lots of videos, movies, games, songs, our backup files. Also, if you go for a WD portable hard disk of 500 GB, it will cost around 4.5K (best & lowest price). Click here to know more. For 1 TB, it will cost around 6.9K (best & lowest price). Click here to know more)

15.6 Inch LED HD Display (Yeah, we love big screens, specially HD & LED, latest huh!!! I prefer to go with High Def 15.6 inch screen as watching movies, pics, videos on youtube, games becomes a real TREAT)

1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card (Actually, I wanted to go with 2 GB graphics card, but 1 GB is more than enough & can suffice 110% of all your requirements. Also, 2 GB gets costlier, will make your laptop burn. In most of the laptops, you will find Intel HD 3000 graphics card which comes by default, but then, when we are buying a prized possession, then don't cut out on graphics as it will keep your laptop technologically updated in near future)

Price Range of 28 to 35K (Yeah, this is the critical part, we want everything, but our budget is limited against our wishes. My personal opinion is that you don't need to spend anything more than 35 to 36K on a laptop.


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