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Cleaning Agent

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Release Date:08/08/2008
Filesize:1902 KB
OS:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/Vista
Vendor Name:Ancodia software


Cleaning Agent is a computer hard drive cleaning software. It is a handy disk utility that cleans your disks of unwanted files and folders fast. It lets you configure what items to clean - such as log files, cache files, temporary folders - and then removes them quickly with a click anytime you need.

Its main purpose is to wipe out all unnecessary files and folders that are repeatedly created on your hard drive and can waste megabytes of your disk capacity. Periodical use of Cleaning Agent will not only save your disk space by removing even hundreds of files, but as a result, it improves performance of your system by speeding up file searches, virus scans, disk scans, and file defragmentation.

Besides, once you set up your Cleaning Agent, it will work automatically and efficiently. It will do all the dirty work in few seconds leaving more time for you to work and have fun instead of cleaning your computer yourself.


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