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Clipboard Genie

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Release Date:27/04/2010
Filesize:1732 KB
OS:Windows 98/XP
Vendor Name:Clipoard Manager


Clipboard Genie 4.1 is a very useful utility. Everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard is saved into Clipboard Genie. Text and Graphics. To retrieve it, simply click on the text or graphic in the list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard where you can paste it into other windows applications. There is also a scrolling method that enables you to scroll through the Clipboard buffer using hot keys F6 and F7. There is also a hot key function, this feature will send text to other windows applications simply by hitting one key. It can also be used to run applications. Data from your Clipboard can also be sent over the network to another PC running Clipboard Genie 4.1 Clipboard Manager


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