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Release Date:21/03/2012
Filesize:110 KB
OS:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista
Windows CE
Pocket PC
Vendor Name:3D Solar UK Ltd



DJ1 social player combined with that iCloud Messaging technology, is revolutionary. The drag and drop features allow you to legally share music instantly with any and all friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter. This combined with the ability for the DJ 1 to hold the tracks for you to share with others repeatedly, or even add them to your playlist, makes this a must have messaging system.
This new generation of social media player match you with not only average people but even celebrities who may be feeling how you are. Whether you want to see how you match up with your best friend from elementary school or even celebrities from Rihanna to Nirvana, you can do so with the use of DJ 1 technology. From here you can share the results with friends and family members by posting to your wall; to make this process even more fun for users, the results of the matchups can be printed on trendy and every popular EarthPositive T-shirts!
The greatest thing about this is that is not the extent of the DJ 1's capabilities! The DJ 1 has the ability to mix chat and music together. This allows for fun and interactive music with fans and supporters, with the ability to regenerate and mix or modify tracks in whatever ways they see fit!
You can now experience the chart topping mp3 in a new and innovative way.


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