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Release Date:11/04/2012
Filesize:4307 KB
OS:Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/Vista
Vendor Name:DeskOffice Development Group



DeskOffice - manage relationships!
"Simple and easy to use CRM? Bullshit!. " That is how many sales managers are responsible for all matters relating to management systems customer relationship. To some extent, they are right - most of these products on the market today, featured different and confusing interface that makes use of the program is not very comfortable. Not to mention its implementation, during which the IT-department absorbs tons Corvalol and valerian, and the managers get older and start to gently stutter. So, to record all the information (and its many - appointments, tasks, notes, phone calls and contacts) on a leaf?
Not at all! 30/03/2012 general public was introduced a beta release of CRM «DeskOffice» - a product that was created by world-class developers under the strict supervision of experienced sales managers. Finally, we see the correct approach to the creation of a software product: ask those who will use it, and did as YOU BE COMFORTABLE - specialists in sales!
Thus, the system «DeskOffice» - a:
• Easy and intuitive interface! The system allows you to make all necessary action, spending on them the least possible time!
• UNIVERSAL SOLUTION FOR ALL PROBLEMS RELATING TO SALES! You can easily manage the records, accounts, tasks, calls, customer statements and more!
• Continuous development and striving for the better! The developers of the product «DeskOffice» waiting just for your opinions on their CRM. They are ready to take into account any of your opinions into account your wishes and will do everything to ensure that you get the software environment in which YOU WILL BE REALLY EASY TO WORK!
• ONLY A SIMPLE AND FREE CRM! Yes, exactly! At present «DeskOffice» - a unique product that is unparalleled in this segment of the market!


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