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Release Date:15/12/2007
Filesize:1567 KB
OS:Windows 98/NT/XP/2000
Vendor Name:Filord Group


Filord is a unique timesaver for Excel users around the world. If you work with tabular data then you have come to the right place! Filord key features: Beginners friendly -- not everyone is an advanced user, right? Intuitive interface that gets you started right away. Built-in functionality saves time on routine operations. Ever wanted - now you can run queries between two Excel files! 65536 rows maximum capability to satisfy your needs. Compare files. Find unique and duplicate values. Modify data and more! Reports, minutes, tables - it's time to take control over it! Filord is a new tool in your hands designed to automate Excel related tasks. Now you're the boss! Get the results with less effort ever possible! Try it now for free!


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