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Law of Attraction Toolkit

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Release Date:05/07/2009
Filesize:1638 KB
OS:Windows XP
Vendor Name:Law of Attraction


Experience the power of the Law of Attraction, use your subconscious mind to attain whatever you want. This program is based on Subliminal Flash. Positive affirmations are displayed subliminally on your display while you're working on your computer. 7 uses of the program are free and it's enough to feel significant changes in your life: attract money, become a magnet to the opposite sex, become successful and confident. Affirmations are displayed subliminally, each of them is visible for less than 10 milliseconds, and the entire list is displayed at a very high frequency, imprinting your objectives directly into your subconscious mind. It is guaranteed that you will feel changes in your life after the first week of usage.


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