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Link Commander

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Release Date:23/05/2009
Filesize:8420 KB
OS:Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista
Vendor Name:Resort Labs


Link Commander is a browser independent bookmark organizer, that allows you to maintain and manage your Favorites. It comes with a built in browser display, and can also be configured to use Internet Explorer or a different browser to launch your bookmarks. You can maintain multiple collections of favorite bookmarks (e.g personal, business etc.) and organize each with custom categories. The two-panel interface makes it possible to work with two bookmark collections at a time. You can easily add new links with the help of a drop basket, or from the clipboard, verify your bookmarks to find broken links, password protect your collection, find duplicates and more. Link Commander can also be used as a complete (IE based) browser with tabbed interface that allows you open multiple web pages at once.


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