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Magican AntiTrojan

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Release Date:11/04/2012
Filesize:1235 KB
Vendor Name:Magican Software Ltd.



Magican AntiTrojan is released. It is a free antivirus app designed for protect Mac from Flashback Trojan attack, which is useful to protect user’s personal information not be stolen by Flashback Trojan.
Magican AntiTrojan can help users check out whether Mac is infected by Flashback Trojan, how many files infected and where the Flashback Trojan exists in your Mac. Besides help users check the Flashback Trojan, this app still could help Mac users delete all the infected files in your Mac. Still Magican AntiTrojan has an easy to use interface; users could only click a button to easily detect Trojan and a Delete button could helps delete all infected files.
Besides checking the complicated solutions on net, we strongly recommend to use Magican AntiTrojan easily protect your Mac. This app can make your Mac and your personal information safe, and it is one of the few app allow users kill Flashback Trojan.


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