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My IT World

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Release Date:20/04/2012
Filesize:171 KB
OS:Windows XP/2003
Vendor Name:My IT World



Today, information technology is closely intertwined with virtually all spheres of life of modern man. Global Internet network covers almost all sectors of industry and penetrates the most distant corners of our planet. Therefore modern man must navigate through the Internet, preferably programming skills, be able to properly fulfil the requirements and safety regulations, have the opportunity to work on different operating systems, such as Mac OS (iOS), Android, Windows and various UNIX systems clones. Proficient and knowledge of hardware. By joining our project, you will be able to get a lot of both theoretical and practical knowledge. In the end, the it world is easy, and difficult and very interesting!

So, our goal is to collect and integrate information technology professionals and people interested in the industry.


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