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NextSpeak - Voice Memory Game

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Release Date:12/11/2009
Filesize:77323 KB
OS:Windows XP/2000/Vista
Vendor Name:Well Develop International Limited


Voice Memory Game can strengthen your child's memory and his/her Mandarin, English capabilities. Listening and memorizing are essential elements in language learning. Through this Memory Game, learning becomes interesting and much easier because the Game makes your child to repeatedly listen and memorize different sets of common vocabulary. Main Features are:
* Various themes available with a total of 800+ words (support user defined themes, pictures and provide levels of difficulty to cater for your child's learning pace)
* Designed for your child to practise memory and language skills, the Game is in the form of powerful and interesting flash picture-cards in pairs being randomly located. Through identifying pairs of the same pictures, your child can recognize word meanings, spelling and pronunciations, while at the same time your child reinforces his/her memory
* Flash picture-cards selected by your child will be read aloud by the Game in English or Mandarin with text alert to raise your child's language ability
* You can add your own pictures as content and theme to further expand the vocabulary for your child.


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