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OpenWire Editor VCL

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Release Date:17/04/2012
Filesize:4252 KB
OS:Windows XP
Vendor Name:Mitov Software



The OpenWire Editor provides an intuitive, powerful graphical editing Delphi and C++ Builder PlugIn to build OpenWire applications VCL and FireMonkey(FMX) simply by connecting VCL or FireMonkey components and making wiring dataflow diagrams.
In the OpenWire Editor, the "wires" are like those connecting a TV to a VCR, or speakers to a surround system.
The OpenWire pins are analogous to the jacks where you plug the wires in.
The OpenWire components correspond to the entertainment components (TV, speakers, etc.).
The application can be created in seconds by just dropping components from the toolbar, and connecting them with visual "wires", and no is coding required.


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