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Private Label Anti Hijack

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Release Date:29/08/2009
Filesize:2760 KB
OS:Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista
Vendor Name:Rebrand Software, LLC


Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics!

This software will help you to protect your computer against common attempts that malicious programs use to hijack your computer. It looks in places where malicious programs commonly attempt to gain control of your computer and reports to you what it finds.

Many of the items found will be legitimmate, but any malicious items will also be found. If you do not recognize an item we recommend posting the scan log online for experts to examine. There are links to popular websites that will examine your log files in the Tools menu.

This software also provides a database of known software that will help you to determine exactly what is running on your computer, and easy ways to search for more information if necessary.

In the event that you find a malicious item and need to remove it you can do so in just a few simple clicks.


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