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SS Butterflies - Animated Desktop ScreenSaver

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Release Date:30/01/2005
Filesize:2406 KB
OS:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000
Vendor Name:EleFun Multimedia


The EleFun Company released Butterflies - a new product in the Animated Desktop Screensavers series. We have managed to use 3D technology and keep perfect picture quality at the same time. Besides, the main theme characters – butterflies – have certain level of intelligence. You can notice it in the way they fly. The Butterflies Animated Desktop Screensaver will take you to a glade of flowers with plenty of butterflies. These cute beings have their own idea of flying, so they can leave the glade and come back after a while. Butterflies sit down on the flowers, take off and flutter over the meadow, and white clouds pass high above in the blue sky. The new product has ambient sound which can be switched off thanks to the new control functions. These functions are available in the built-in Desktop Manager. It lets you manage company products faster and more effectively.


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