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SecuBox for Pocket PC

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Release Date:15/11/2010
Filesize:1724 KB
OS:Windows XP
Windows CE
Pocket PC
Windows Mobile
Vendor Name:Aiko Solutions


SecuBox provides on-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile phones and their media cards. Creates an encrypted volume that looks and feels just like another Windows Mobile card, only that all data written to this "card" is automatically encrypted.

SecuBox makes it possible for any Windows Mobile user to enjoy state-of-the-art security without changing their work routines. Anyone can securely store their confidential documents, private files and images and customer data in a SecuBox container, protected by AES 256 bit encryption, the U.S. government standard encryption algorithm.

SecuBox ensures no data leaks occur on the go, as it will automatically lock data when the user becomes inactive or when the phone goes into "sleep" mode. This software will prevent your data from falling into wrong hands even if your phone gets lost or stolen. Desktop support, Dekart Private Disk compatible.


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