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Smileys We Love

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Release Date:01/04/2012
Filesize:11801 KB
OS:Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista
Vendor Name:SqueakyChocolate, LLC



Add hours of fun to your instant messaging programs with SmileysWeLove.

Unlike most other smiley applications, we don't spam you with ads or pop-ups. SmileysWeLove is made by people that loves smileys, and hate ads and spam. Install it, and you're good to go.

We have lots of smileys and will be adding more, so you can express your emotions with your friends. And best of all, your friends can see your smileys via our webpages even if they don't have SmileysWeLove installed. Cool.

We're constantly updating the program to make it better and easier to use, and we will be adding add-on smiley packages so you can keep adding smileys you love.

SmileysWeLove is a brand new product, developed from scratch to make bring the joy of smileys to everyone. We want our users to focus on writing cool messages, and not struggle with complicated user interfaces or constant interruptions by ads. We hope you will recommend us to your friends, and grow our community.

You can see a list of our smileys on our webpage, and browse around for packages when we release them.

Teddy bear smileys, robot smileys, devil smileys, cute smileys, fun smileys, Saint Patricks day smileys, Christmas Smileys, Popular smileys, Girl smileys, 3D smileys, text smileys (with signs), crazy and cool smileys, we have them all, and are adding more.


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